Oct 5, 2007

New Poem At Drown In My Own Fears

After looking at some previous posts I noticed that people are actually posting comments. It seems that writing these posts is not for naught (pun). I have decided to try and work on my blog more than I have been.

Now on to the main event...

A new online poetry journal has cropped up called Drown In My Own Fears. The editor used to edit at Thick With Conviction where I placed a poem last year. I got an e-mail call for submissions not minutes after composing a little poem called "The Fundamental Horror of Realization." I don't believe in fate or destiny but I sent the poem over anyway, and you can find it in the premier issue HERE.

Pass it on and if anyone can tell me how blog subscriptions work (or blogs in general) I'd be grateful.



Charles Gramlich said...

I checked out the poem and the mag. Great stuff. Congrats. I've been getting quite a bit of commentary on my blog but I tend to post most days.

Greg Schwartz said...

nice poem! I'm still trying to learn how to use blogs. I know my blog has a button toward the bottom so people can subscribe, but I don't see that button on your page or on Charles', and I'm not sure what I did to get it there.