Oct 5, 2007

New Poem At Drown In My Own Fears

After looking at some previous posts I noticed that people are actually posting comments. It seems that writing these posts is not for naught (pun). I have decided to try and work on my blog more than I have been.

Now on to the main event...

A new online poetry journal has cropped up called Drown In My Own Fears. The editor used to edit at Thick With Conviction where I placed a poem last year. I got an e-mail call for submissions not minutes after composing a little poem called "The Fundamental Horror of Realization." I don't believe in fate or destiny but I sent the poem over anyway, and you can find it in the premier issue HERE.

Pass it on and if anyone can tell me how blog subscriptions work (or blogs in general) I'd be grateful.


Aug 15, 2007

New Poem at Chimaera Serials

Ana Spann and I have a new poem up at Chimaera Serials. The poem is called "Henrietta Remembers" and it is a prequel to another poem we wrote that appeared in the November issue. You can read the new poem here...

We also have another poem coming out in Doorways Magazine #3, called "The Flaming Carousel: A Recant", but I'm not sure when that issue hits newsstands. These poems all come from a series of poems Ana and I did together last year. They all deal with a traveling carnival in the early 20th century. It is our hope to release the collection as a chapbook soon. If you happen to publish chapbooks, email me... Hardy-har.

Lots of new stuff coming out here and there, check the sidebar for new publications...

Jun 29, 2007

New Publications

I have posted in the sidebar, several new poems, articles, and interviews that have recently been published, or are forthcoming, from Star*Line, Beyond Centauri, Illumen, Helicon Form 2, and Scifaikuest. It didn't feel like I was publishing all that much lately, but when I add it up, it hasn't been a bad year at all. My output has not been as high lately, primarily because I've been busy with Grad School applications. After I am accepted into an MFA program I will be actively pursuing publishing again.

Feb 10, 2007

New Scifaikuest

The February 07 issue of Scifaikuest is out now. This is the best issue of Scifaikuest I've seen yet. The featured scifaijin is Deborah P. Kolodji. I have three poems in this one as well. Pick it up at the Genre Mall.

Jan 28, 2007


Just noticed that I've had this little blog up for a year now... I'll have to throw an internet party for the four people who have been here...

Added a link to J.D. Nelson's blog, love his stuff, check it out.

Poetry Manuscript

I just finished the manuscript for a book of scifaiku, currently titled "The Gods Of The Sun". This project took me a little over a year to finish, and contains 132 haiku. I will be looking for a publisher now, with any luck I can get it released this year. I'll just be waiting by the phone...