Jan 29, 2006

ProjectPulp.com Bestseller

The Shantytown Anomaly #1 has made the bestseller list at Project Pulp, for the weeks of January 1st - 15th. I am (of course) very excited, and I hope to continue the trend when Issue #2 comes out in late February.

Jan 25, 2006

I've got to put Teri Santitoro on my Christmas Card list...

You heard right...

I learned today that two poems have been accepted for the November 2006 print edition of Scifaikuest; "ship's bow upended" & "look beneath the tarp" .

Jan 21, 2006

Helicon Vol. 41 Now Available

The University of Louisiana at Monroe's annual student journal, the Helicon, is out now and available through the ULM English Department.

I was very excited to learn that my story "The Pink House" was chosen by the ULM Faculty as "Best Short Story". An honor for sure.

This issue also contains four poems of mine; "Agenda", "Insomniac's Dream", "In The Candle's Glowing Light", & "This Love Triangle Only Has Two Sides Left". All in all a good haul...


Trespass #3

I am very proud to annouce that Trespass Magazine has accepted my poem "An Insect's Short Life Made Harder By The Invention Of The Windowpane" for inclusion in their third issue. Issue #3 will be available in February. The issue will be on sale at their website, http://www.trespassmagazine.com

Jan 20, 2006

Testing 1,2,3???

Just a little note to myself to get this thing going...