Jan 12, 2008

James Award Nomination

My article "Rhyme In Haiku", from the May 2007 issue of Scifaikuest, has been nominated for a James Award. The James Awards are named after Pro Mart Publishing's (now Sam's Dot Publishing) James Baker. The James Awards honor the best poem, fiction, article, and art published by Sam's Dot in the previous calendar year. I am very grateful for the nomination, and will report back here when I find out about the results.


Greg Schwartz said...

Congrats on the nomination, J! I saw that article was also nominated for a Preditors & Editors award. Is it still online? Do you have a link to it?

Charles Gramlich said...

Hey, that's pretty cool. Congrats. I second Greg. Is there somewhere we can check it out? I havent' seen it.

Tirzah said...

Good for people to know.