Dec 14, 2006


If I didn't put this off so long there wouldn't be so much to tell...

First of all, I have been collaborating with Ana Spann on a chapbook of poems, two of which have already been published. Our poem "Blood In The Bourbon" was recently published in Chimaera Serials' November Issue. Check it out at Chimaera Serials has also published the "prequel" to that poem, "Henrietta Remembers", which will be out in their July Issue.

Both Ana and I will have some of our individual poems in the new Issue of Helicon (#42) which will be out soon, in time for the Southern Literary Festival. The entire list of my works appearing in this issue is on the sidebar.

New poems and a review I did of John J. Dunphy's chapbook, Stellar Possibilities are out now in the November issue and online version of Scifaikuest.

On top of all of that, Issue #3 of The Shantytown Anomaly is out now at and #4 will be out in a few weeks.


Sep 27, 2006

New Publications

There have been few posts lately, but that doesn't mean there aren't things going on around here...

I found out that my review of John Dunphy's chapbook Stellar Possibilities will be published in the November Print Edition of Scifaikuest. Teri has also taken an article called Rhyme In Haiku, but I don't know the release date on that one yet.

Also, a new experiment from The Helicon is out now and it is called Helicon Form 2. It is a tabloid version of the student literary journal at the University of Louisiana at Monroe. I have a poem in this issue called "From The Sculpture Garden". The issues are free but only available on campus, so if you live somewhere else, email me and I'll mail you a copy--

Sep 11, 2006

This is just exactly how little I've done...

I was cruising Thomas C.A. Royle's blog and found this interesting little thing for writers. I've decided to try it out for myself. I have started a story entitled "Jarvaa", and here are the stats...

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
5,515 / 10,000

I will hopefully be finished with this soon, thanks to this handy graphic I can inform the multitudes about my progress...J

Aug 1, 2006

Kuanta CD from Scifaikuest OUT NOW

Scifaikuest has released a special CD version of the magazine for their anniversary. Kuanta is out now and available at The Genre Mall.

I have a haibun called 2366 AD on this CD. All of the poems are read by Jerry Breslauer. As far as I know, this is the first time any of my work has been read and recorded by anybody, so I am excited about this project.

I also got word that Scifaikuest has accepted a review I wrote on John Dunphy's chapbook Stellar Possibilities, I do not know yet which issue it will be in. I do know that 3 other poems will be in next February's issue, check the sidebar for that info.

Jul 6, 2006

Thick With Conviction #4 Now Online

The new issue of Thick With Conviction is up, you can go over and see my poem Kinetics/Genetics by clicking HERE.

Plenty of good poets in this issue so check it out.

Jun 22, 2006

Thick With Conviction #4 - I'll be there...

I've recieved word that my poem "Kinetics/Genetics" will be appearing in Thick With Conviction #4, due online in July. Big thanks to editors Sara Blanton and Karina Bowman for ending a short but worrisome drought around here.

Thick With Conviction

Link Ups...

I've added a Writer's Blogs section to the sidebar links, I'm going to be adding some writers that I am currently down with.

The first inhabitant to this section is Charles A. Gramlich. I met Charles at Crescent City Con XX last year in New Orleans, where he is a college professor. Charles has had a few poems in my magazine, The Shantytown Anomaly, so check those out, but definately go to his site and get a copy of his novel Cold In The Light, published by Invisible College Press. It is a stellar read, and is very well written.

On a side note I'd like to extend a personal shout-out to writers Deborah P. Kolodji and Thomas C.A. Royle. I am positive they are the only two people who have been to this site. Ho hum.

Trespass Update

Trespass Magazine #3 is going to be coming out in July instead of February, due to some minor setbacks. My poem "An Insect's Short Life Made Harder By The Invention Of The Windowpane" is in this issue and I'm excited about finally getting to see this issue.

Look At That Mug...

Writers are special. You could be an incredibly popular writer, but still be able to pick up a hooker and not have to worry about her recognizing you. She won't. Think Brad Pitt can do that? The point is I wouldn't recognize most of my favorite writers if they took a dump in my front yard. And since nobody is wondering what I look like, here's a picture of myself. I know it looks dandy, but I've been too busy to get new headshots.

P.S. In case you're wondering what the hell I'm doing in this picture, I've been moonlighting as a musician for the past ten years.

Jun 1, 2006

May Scifaikuest Out Now

The May issue of Scifaikuest just came out, and I was happy to see that my name made the cover. This is an outstanding issue, grab a copy at

Mar 22, 2006

Scifaikuest Special Edition (CD)

Scifaikuest will be releasing a Special Edition of the magazine on CD to commemorate their 4th anniversary. My haibun "2366 AD" will be on the CD, which is coming out this August. All of the poems on the disc will be read by Jerry Breslauer and accompanied with music, so be sure to grab a copy.

Scifaikuest will also be publishing my one-breath poem "Studying alien fauna" in their November print issue, to go along with two other poems of mine that have already been taken for that issue.

Feb 5, 2006

Scifaikuest #11 Now Available

The February issue of Scifaikuest is out now. My tanka, "Laissez Les Tanka Roule" is in this issue, along with many great poets such as Deborah P.Kolodji, Guy Belleranti, Cathy Buburuz and many more. Purchase this issue here...

Scifaikuest also has an online companion issue (different from the print version) in which my scifaiku "bladed-stalk bent clean" appears. This version can be viewed here...

Jan 29, 2006 Bestseller

The Shantytown Anomaly #1 has made the bestseller list at Project Pulp, for the weeks of January 1st - 15th. I am (of course) very excited, and I hope to continue the trend when Issue #2 comes out in late February.

Jan 25, 2006

I've got to put Teri Santitoro on my Christmas Card list...

You heard right...

I learned today that two poems have been accepted for the November 2006 print edition of Scifaikuest; "ship's bow upended" & "look beneath the tarp" .

Jan 21, 2006

Helicon Vol. 41 Now Available

The University of Louisiana at Monroe's annual student journal, the Helicon, is out now and available through the ULM English Department.

I was very excited to learn that my story "The Pink House" was chosen by the ULM Faculty as "Best Short Story". An honor for sure.

This issue also contains four poems of mine; "Agenda", "Insomniac's Dream", "In The Candle's Glowing Light", & "This Love Triangle Only Has Two Sides Left". All in all a good haul...

Trespass #3

I am very proud to annouce that Trespass Magazine has accepted my poem "An Insect's Short Life Made Harder By The Invention Of The Windowpane" for inclusion in their third issue. Issue #3 will be available in February. The issue will be on sale at their website,

Jan 20, 2006

Testing 1,2,3???

Just a little note to myself to get this thing going...