Dec 17, 2009

Spreading the Love

Pre-ordering for the chapbook is going well and I want to toot this horn as much as possible while I have a horn to toot. It is my goal to post all the press the book gets here on this blog, good or bad, though I may change my mind about the bad ones...It's my party... Here's a little snippit I found while reading my good friend M. Rather, Jr.'s blog.

"J Bruce Fuller's excellent chapbook 28 Blackbirds at the End of the World is available for pre-order at It is an inexpensive $8 and worth every penny. I read this collection prior to its acceptance by Bandersnatch Books. It is amazing and unique. I highly recommend you check it out."

What can I say? Thanks, and of course, listen to the man...

Dec 15, 2009

28 Blackbirds Raffle

Bandersnatch Books is offering a pretty awesome raffle for people who order 28 Blackbirds by January 30th. Anyone who orders the book (including pre-orders) will be entered to win one copy of each Bandersnatch title released in 2010. Sweet. Here's some details.

* To celebrate our first release, we will hold a raffle for a year's subscription. The winner will receive copies of all the 2010 Bandersnatch releases, which, as of this writing, includes titles by T.M. Wright, Bob Freeman, and Wrath James White. To enter the raffle, all you need to do is buy a copy of J. Bruce Fuller's 28 Blackbirds at the End of the World by the end of January 2010.

28 Blackbirds Available for Pre-order

28 Blackbirds at the End of the World is now availbale for pre-order through Bandersnatch Books. Here is the news release from the publisher:

* J. Bruce Fuller's 28 Blackbirds at the End of the World has gone to press, and in the interim, it's up for preorder. If you'd like to preorder this title, send an email to Be sure to include how many you'd like and your paypal email address. As with all Bandersnatch Books, preordering entitles you to a signed bookplate by the author.

So there you have it. A copy signed by moi. Go get one.

Dec 14, 2009

28 Blackbirds Soon to go on Pre-order

My chapbook has been sent to the printers, and Bandersnatch is about to start taking pre-orders. I will put the pre-order info up as soon as I get it.

The final cover is done. Bob Freeman did a great job on the art and design. There are also two blurbs from Greg Schwartz and Charles Gramlich which are flattering and greatly appreciated.

Bandersnatch Books is supposed to do a contest for people who order the book, for a chance to win every Bandersnatch title released in 2010, I will have info on that as soon as I get it.

Anyone who would like to review the book please get in touch with me or Bandersnatch for review copies or a .PDF to review.