Dec 14, 2009

28 Blackbirds Soon to go on Pre-order

My chapbook has been sent to the printers, and Bandersnatch is about to start taking pre-orders. I will put the pre-order info up as soon as I get it.

The final cover is done. Bob Freeman did a great job on the art and design. There are also two blurbs from Greg Schwartz and Charles Gramlich which are flattering and greatly appreciated.

Bandersnatch Books is supposed to do a contest for people who order the book, for a chance to win every Bandersnatch title released in 2010, I will have info on that as soon as I get it.

Anyone who would like to review the book please get in touch with me or Bandersnatch for review copies or a .PDF to review.


Charles Gramlich said...

I'll review it on my blog after it's printed. I already have the PDF for it. Looking forward to the printed version.

J. Bruce Fuller said...

Thanks Charles!

Greg Schwartz said...

I'll review it too, but unfortunately it will probably take a while.