Jun 23, 2011

New Publications

I have had a few new publications recently. My poem "Caernarvon, LA: 1927" will be in the new issue of Crab Orchard Review. Their American South issue in which the poem appears will be out in September.

Next month I will have two poems appearing in Trigger, which is a new publication that explores art/writing collaborations. The issue will have my poem "Rayville, 1927" and a brand new poem written specifically for this project called "Traiteur Nocturne." "Traiteur Nocturne" was written in response to Ryan de la Hoz's artwork.

Also, the newest issue of The Louisiana Review is out now and has my poem "Crop Dusting: Late Season."

1 comment:

Charles Gramlich said...

congrats on the appearances. I finally got around last week to submitting a few more poems. It's been awhile.