Jun 26, 2010

Blog Tour 2010

Prompted (and educated) by my friend D.B. Grady, I have begun to plan for a blog tour. For those unfamiliar with the concept, a blog tour is a series of posts on other people's blogs which helps bring new readers to both the writer and the host blog. D.B. Grady wrote an informative article on blog tours here: http://bayouwritersgroup.blogspot.com/2010/03/on-blog-book-tours-blog-tours-are-all.html

So for the remainder of the summer I will attempt to write for as many blogs as I can. I am not making any hard and fast goals, but I will hopefully be able to do at least a half dozen. I am also offering my blog as a soap box to any of you who want to trade posts. The first such offering will be a post by the poet William Lusk Coppage.

1 comment:

Charles Gramlich said...

cool. I commented on your first post and will be doing an interview with Jess later myself. How'd you like to do a post on my blog?