Jul 31, 2008

Rhysling update, Rhysling Anthology out now...

Here's a much needed update on a couple of award nominations I received this past year, The James Award and the Rhysling Award. I lost 'em both.

Seriously though, once I thought about it, I had that old Hollywood cliche running through my head about how much of an honor it is just to be nominated. And I found that it is true. For me anyway. For the James Award, Scott Virtes won the Best Article category, in which I was also nominated. It was nice to be included on a short list along with writers like Scott and Bruce Boston.

Now to the Rhysling Awards, which were announced at Readercon a couple of weeks ago. The list of nominees is far too long to reproduce here, including a slew of nominations for my good friend Kendall Evans (a more deserving fellow there ain't), but suffice to say I was in the best company in the field.

In both cases it was great just to be nominated. Spec House of Poetry received four nominations this year, and I got one. It was a good year.

The best moment for a bibliophile like me was getting my copies of The 2008 Rhysling Anthology in the mail. The book is beautifully produced, and best of all, I'm in it. It is available for sale now at sfpoetry.com. Do all the nominees and winners a favor and get a copy.